About us

Little Ones is a heartwarming brand dedicated to the creation of handcrafted baby essentials. Our products include baby nests, cushions, felt names, blankets, and bumpers, all made with the utmost care and attention to detail.At Little Ones, we believe in the power of handmade craftsmanship, where each item is meticulously crafted to envelop your little bundle of joy in comfort and style.



Teddy blanket

Personalised Ornaments

Personalised Cushions, Bibs, Quilts and Bunnies


What are babynests?

A baby nest is a small and cozy sleep space designed for newborns and infants. It typically consists of a soft, cushioned, and enclosed structure that resembles a small mattress with raised sides. The purpose of a baby nest is to create a snug and secure sleeping environment for the baby.

One of our best selling products is the Baby Nest. They are Handmade and customisable upon request since they are made to order. We make two varieties, with added safety features and without. We also give two different size options depending on the baby’s age.Colours can be chosen to match the baby’s room or the parent’s preferences. The Baby Nest is fully washable. Since our products are hand made some materials might no longer be available.

€49-56 (0-6months)
€60-64 (7-12months)


Quccija Mat Colours

Quilts/Quccija Blankets

Quccija Estimate: €42-45
Patchword Quilt Estimate: €60

Felt Names

Letters: €6 each
Clouds/Stars: €2 each
Mickey Mouse :€4 each
Mushrooms: €3 each

Fonts we offer

Sun Cushions


Waffle Blankets


Name cubes